Welcome to New Culture Hawaii!

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 Come Join us for a totally Unique, Intimate,

Amazing and Powerful Social Co-creation

 at our Big Island Winter Camps!

We are only 2 miles uphill from the recent lava eruption, and that caused a lot of changes to our area! 

We welcome you to come join us, and take a look at all the amazing effects of the recent Lava flow.  

New Culture people are dedicated to examining every aspect of our existing cultures and experimenting to find out how to create a world based on love and freedom, rather than fear and violence.

Our Hawai'i camps offer a unique depth and quality of experience.

In our explorations we have looked at everything from inner aspects of one's self-experience to global consequences of our societal choices.

Some areas we have focused on include:

  • methods of dealing with painful emotional reactions;
  • developing healthy boundaries;
  • conflict resolution skills;
  • alternative models of family, community and "tribe";
  • improving communication across gender, ethnic, and racial lines;
  • acceptance of neurodiversity and diverse mental experiences;
  • freedom in sexual and loving connections;
  • freedom from shame around our sexuality;
  • reducing consumption and global impact of our lifestyles;
  • living in healthy relationship to children;
  • making sustainable choices around food and diet;
  • organizing to create local, regional, and global change.

New Culture Winter Camp:

6 days: Jan 7th- 13th 2020

"Opening to New Paths" 


Paradise Afterglow Camp

Jan 13- 16th 2020

near Hilo, on the Big Island of Hawaii



A short while after Paradise Afterglow, 

come join us at the 

Spiritual Sexual Shamanic Experience

ISTA Level 1 

Jan 24th-30, a deeply powerful transformative training!

Catch the Hawaii Tantra Festival from Feb 1- 4

or Thrive

 Festival, a local fun event from Feb 1-3

And stay even longer to dive in to the 

ISTA Spiritual Sexual Shamanic Initiation, 

ISTA Level 2,  

Feb 5-11th!

If you are new to these camps you may find it helpful 

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