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Welcome to New Culture Hawaii!

 Come Join us for a totally Unique, Intimate,

Amazing and Powerful Social Co-creation


at our Solstice Mini Camp, June 15-19, 2018!


 see also our Big Island Winter Camps!

New Culture people are dedicated to examining every aspect of our existing cultures and experimenting to find out how to create a world based on love and freedom, rather than fear and violence.

 In our explorations we have looked at everything from inner aspects of one's self-experience to global consequences of our societal choices.

Some areas we have focused on include:

  • methods of dealing with painful emotional reactions;
  • developing healthy boundaries;
  • conflict resolution skills;
  • alternative models of family, community and "tribe";
  • improving communication across gender, ethnic, and racial lines;
  • acceptance of neurodiversity and diverse mental experiences;
  • freedom in sexual and loving connections;
  • freedom from shame around our sexuality;
  • reducing consumption and global impact of our lifestyles;
  • living in healthy relationship to children;
  • making sustainable choices around food and diet;
  • organizing to create local, regional, and global change.


Our Hawai'i camps offer a unique depth and quality of experience.








See what we did at our 

New Culture Winter Camp:

6 days: Jan 10th- 16th 2018

"Gathering the Tribe" 

near Hilo, on the Big Island of Hawaii


Paradise Afterglow Camp

Jan 16- 19th 2018


If you are new to these camps you may find it helpful to read these Pages: 

Frequently Asked Questions 

New Culture Perspectives



Hawaii Tantra Festival


"This was my third year with you and I am continually astounded and embodied as I learn about my unfolding identity and relationship preferences."  -K. Becker

"You are changing lives and helping people find the way home to their authentic self. What better could any of us offer than the journey back home to self!" -Evalena Rose

"The most valuable part of this for me was the modeling of the New Culture ideas of normalizing and encouraging the whole range of relating; intellectual, emotional, spiritual, sensual & sexual connection, neither more nor less appropriate than the other."  -Johan S

"The most valuable part of camp for me was the opportunity to introspect more deeply on my relationship to romantic connection in the hothouse atmosphere camp offers." -Luke

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