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New Culture Winter Kona Campout, and other events

4 DAY CAMPOUT in Kona has been cancelled.

Aloha Campers,

After four years of hosting an aftercamp experience for the winter camp at La'akea, I've decided I can no longer do so. The widespread presence of fire ants and coqui frogs in Puna has concerned me deeply in past years, because of the real threat of having them hitchhike on car of the campers who attended. That threat became real last year when we found after the campout that our land had become infested irredeemably with coqui. 

That was unfortunate, but not devastating. Fire ants would be worse. And now the threat of a virus infecting the ohia forests in Puna has emerged as a threat to the forest itself. Our farm is in the midst of a 900 year old ohia forest. I simply can't take the chance that the virus could be carried from Puna to our forest on a campers clothes or vehicle. I'm so sorry this is so, but I don't see any other course of action as a responsible steward of the beautiful place I've cared for these pasr 38 years. I hope you understand.

Smaller Event Possible:

In place of that event, I'm considering holding a smaller, less ambitious new culture event at our large home in Waimea on the north end of the island after winter camp. If any of you would be interested in something of that sort, please contact me to discuss it at aitkenrocks@gtmail.com, or call me at 8088968601 any time after November 25th...

We have room for perhaps 10 people, for maybe 2 days of integration and forum and conversation and music and whatever else we cocreate. The cost would be modest... 

Mahalo, Luke Aitken 





Learn Permaculture at La'akea!  


Join us for a month of living in intentional, New Culture community! La'akea community will be offering our one month permaculture internship, which offers an intensive program of training in organic farming, permaculture, and community living skills. The members of La'akea originally met each other at Summer Camp West. $695 includes food, lodging and training. Please see http://www.permaculture-hawaii.com